Digital Signage Solutions

Digital Signage Solutions

Here Are The Advantages Your Business Can Enjoy From Having An Outdoor Digital Signage Totem

With technology advancing at a fast rate in this tech-driven world, businesses are becoming more and more competitive in the digital industry. This is why most business owners are exploring various advertising strategies, including the use of outdoor digital signage totem to keep themselves ahead of the race.

Digital signage is no longer a luxurious preserve that only big brands can afford, even start-ups and SMBs use digital signage solutions to enjoy the benefits they bring. Likewise, these display screens aren’t limited to a specific business sector only; rather, it has a wider reach for the majority of businesses, including healthcare, education, fitness centres, stadiums, malls, and retail.

If you want to know more about what outdoor digital signage totem can offer you, keep reading. Below are the additional benefits of such businesses.

Encourage customers to make purchasing decisions

Nowadays, the majority of customers, especially teenagers, prefer to shop and purchase on their own. They don’t like salespeople bothering them. With product demo videos, customers can find answers to their questions without needing to engage with a sales staff (which also decreases a strain on human resources).

Offer interactive tracking tools

Interactive digital signs can replace static maps and offer an intuitive wayfinding tool for visitors, customers, and guests. With an interactive map, visitors can browse through directories, enter their destination, and receive custom directions that lead them to their destination from their exact location.

Reduce perceived waiting time

The audience is drawn to video, so when a digital sign with engaging content is present, time feels like it is moving faster. So with digital signage, you can display interesting and engaging content to entertain your customers. Because of this, they will think they’ve been in your establishment for only 20 minutes, but in reality, they’ve been shopping around for 30 minutes or more.

Customise and target the content

Audiences are more likely to engage with content that is targeted to their needs and wants. Through the use of the day, time, and weather parting options on digital signage, playlists adjust automatically to accommodate different audiences, timely events, and even outdoor conditions, making sure your content is always relevant and useful.

Good for promoting products and services

Programming can be used to entertain audiences, but it can also be used to promote products and services. Digital signage is an ideal place to introduce audiences to new or lesser-known offerings and highlight upcoming specials and promotions.

Dynamic, contextual content updates

Digital signage is easy to control and can be modified quickly, allowing it to be incorporated virtually into any environment. You can place your own graphics and do the updates yourself whenever you want based on the setup and service that you choose. This is especially useful during the holidays or if you want to promote door busters and flash sales during certain hours.


One of the benefits of digital signage is that it provides an additional revenue stream for enterprising business owners. After the system installation, you can pay back the original investments by asking other companies or brands to rent the advertising space as long as they don’t negatively affect your business. These ads elevate the status of certain brands, services, or suppliers that want to raise brand awareness and their numbers in the store, target market, or sales territory.

Run time-sensitive ads

The lead time on a print ad is at a minimum of six weeks. For most restaurant franchise companies, it’s even longer. But digital signage is connected to the internet, which means that fresh ads can be rolled out as easily as a social media post. It also means that you can run social media feeds, weather, and blog posts – whatever you could run on a website. What’s more, you can run extremely relevant and local ads (since you’re not relying on a national brand to send you collateral).

Given today’s tech-driven world, you can never go wrong with using an outdoor digital signage totem as one of your advertising tools. It can even boost your business presence in the market. As mentioned above, it enables you to improve customer experience, popularise your brand, and grab the customer’s attention with a smarter and more effortless approach. So if your business is still struggling with traditional marketing methods, it’s high time that you deploy digital signage for your business today.